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Participants are well-known and legendary senior tour pro

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100% of the profits from this tournament will go toMoffitt Cancer Research Center

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Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, has made a lasting  commitment to the prevention and cure of cancer, working tirelessly in  the areas of patient care, research and education to advance one step  further in fighting this disease. 


Translational Research

As part of an elite group of National Cancer Institute (NCI)  Comprehensive Cancer Centers, Moffitt focuses on the development of  early stage translational research aimed at the rapid translation of  scientific discoveries to benefit patient care.

Tradition of Excellence

Since our first patient admission in October 1986, Moffitt  physicians, scientists and staff members have worked together to  establish a tradition of excellence offered in an atmosphere  characterized by kindness, caring and hope. Our future growth in  clinical care and research rests firmly on this tradition and makes  possible the changes ahead.


To contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer


To transform cancer care through service, science and partnership

Institutional Values

S cientific, educational, and patient care excellence
U nity in pursuit of our mission
C reativity
C ompassion for our patients and their families
E mployees, volunteers, and faculty are our most prized resources
S tewardship
S ocial responsibility and ethics of the highest standard

Moffitt Facts

Moffitt Cancer Center is a not-for-profit institution. It includes  private patient rooms, the Southeast’s largest Blood and Marrow  Transplant Program, outpatient treatment programs that record more than  328,300 visits a year, the Moffitt Research Center, Moffitt Cancer  Center at International Plaza, and Moffitt Cancer Center Screening  and Prevention.

In 2003, Moffitt opened its doors to the Muriel Rothman Building  (Clinic) and Vincent A. Stabile Research Building. These two buildings  dramatically increased the existing research and outpatient clinical  space to better serve our patients.

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