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Participants are well-known and legendary senior tour pro

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100% of the profits from this tournament will go toMoffitt Cancer Research Center

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Golfers Against Cancer was started in the summer of 1997 by members of the Deerwood Club in Kingwood, Texas.  The group was founded to show support to a Deerwood member and assistant pro who both had been diagnosed with cancer at the time.  GAC was the idea of a Deerwood golf wife who told her husband, "if you are upset, then do something about it."  Bobby Jones talked to his golf buddies Everette Bernal, Rod Felts and the Saturday morning gang at Deerwood and together they started Golfers Against Cancer. The mission of Golfers Against Cancer was to raise funds for cancer research to honor these friends battling cancer.

GAC first fundraising golf tournament was held in 1997 and it generated $80,000. All of the expenses in 1997 were paid for by two funding families that year which continues as a GAC core belief allowing new supporters to know their contributions go directily to cancer research. 

The growth has been rapid ever since and through 2008, GAC has raised over $18 million (including matching funds and after expenses)  and funded over 100 specific research projects at leading institutions around the nation focused on cures over a wide range of cancers.

AC and the Dinners for Cancer Research have a vision where our friends and family never worry again about cancer  As we finalize our 2006 efforts, we are approaching $13 million raised since 1997 including matching funds and after all expenses -  to fund specific cancer research projects that lead to saving lives. 

Our funding has led to "proof of concept" cancer research - resulting in 10 to 1 and sometimes 100 to 1 funding from the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institute of Health and other governmental sources as a result of our seed funds.  GAC focuses on specific projects with measurable results in an expected timeframe.  Beneficiaries are required to stipulate GAC funds do not go to administrative expenses.  In addition, beneficiaries and specific projects which provide matching funds to leverage our investment receive special consideration. Through our interaction with the beneficiaries and seeing what the combination of money and research can do, we know that our vision is reachable.

Our mission is to raise as much money as possible to fund promising cancer research projects that result in savings lives.  We are dedicated to raising these funds as an all-volunteer organization where virtually all of our fund-raising efforts go directly to benefit cancer research versus administrative costs. 


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